Hi, I'm Robert. Thanks for stopping by to check out my work. I'm a self-taught graphic designer and photographer (thanks internet!). I love everything digital and using my creativity in projects. Drop me an email if you have any requests, questions or job inquiries.

"How could you be an asset to my team or project?" I can provide branding and content for and/or manage your social media accounts. I can provide photography work that can be used for website content, social media, and print needs. I can provide graphic design work for social media, print, or web needs. And last but not least, I can weave hospitality into my work interactions with fellow team members and to guests during an event. AKA: I will be interacting with others, talking, smiling and helping spread your brand instead of hiding behind the scenes as just that "social dude".

"So what are you doing when not shooting?" Probably eating Chick-fil-A or Clean Juice. Ya know…gotta have balance. : )

"What advice would you give to others just starting out with graphic design or photography?"

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."  -Arthur Ashe

Remember that quote. Write it down. Read it when you feel stuck. Don't have Adobe Suite? Don't worry...kill it in Gimp. Don't have a DSLR and still using your iPhone camera? Don't worry...kill it with your iPhone! Download an app to edit your photos or buy a lens for your phone. Don't compare yourself to a photographer or designer that's been in the game for years when you've just started out. If you like it, share it! Love it. Don't let man's approval persuade your love of your work. It's yours that you created, so be proud! Oh, and don't go stealing other people's work. One day you’ll look back and see how far you’ve come.